Sublime Daisy Bundle
Sublime Daisy Bundle
Sublime Daisy Bundle
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Sublime Daisy Bundle

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Special collaboration with Clayplay by Janell, who is specialized in handcrafted polymer clay accessories. 

This bundle touches the curiosity of patterns that are extracted from Daisy Hoop Earrings made locally, represented in a contemporary and quirky style as well as a soothing dreamy lavender soy candle hand poured locally in Singapore. 

What's in the Bundle? 

1. Daisy Hooped Studs 

Beautiful Daisy Hooped Studs are perfect for the girls who love wearing floral prints! Wear this piece to match your floral outfits or even pair them with monochromatic clothes to add a little pop of colours! The white daisies will tie the bright purple and basic colour together wonderfully.

2. Sublime Slumber Candle

A powerful blend of Lavender, Bergamot and Sweet Orange essential oils Soy Candle. In addition to smelling downright heavenly, Lavender is a famously soothing and relaxing scent, bergamot alleviates stress and sweet orange can fill any space with a sense of peace.  

Sublime Daisy Bundle is worth $50, however, we are giving 10% off to all our customers  (only this bundle).