Soho Glass Oil Burner
Soho Glass Oil Burner
Twinkles by Gladys

Soho Glass Oil Burner

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Our Soho Glass Oil Burner add style and sophistication to any room. These clear glass oil burners are elegantly and sophisticated shaped and she will glow from within while in use to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Suitable to hold one Twinkles by Gladys wax melt per use. Remove any labels before burning. Do not add water to wax melts. Never leave burning candles unattended. Never position or burn on or near flammable, heat sensitive or porous surfaces. Do not burn candles or melts for longer than 2-3 hours at a time. Keep out of reach of pets and children. 

*It is designed using thin glass, handle with care and please be careful when moving Twinkles Homeware products as surface may be hot or may contain hot wax or liquid. 


Diameter: 10cm

*Burner will not have logo, it will be clear glass